Select the right Host City for your next event

Equimore helps you select the perfect location for your event and negotiate your Host City and venue contract with ease and confidence.

Your trusted partner to help you make the optimum location choice

Choosing the right location can be the difference between having a growing or a declining event and we will help you find your perfect match.

Use our fact-based decision location making model

Our data model is specifically developed for the event industry to select up to 30 comparison variables for attendees, exhibitors, and organisers. You can weigh what matters to your event and compare locations.

Know what you are worth by calculating your impact

Use our trusted and verified Economic Impact model as well as our qualitative assessments to know what you bring to the table and negotiate better terms.

Run comprehensive competitive bids or RFPs with ease

Use our templates and get support from our experienced experts who can manage your location search process from beginning to end and ensure you negotiate the best possible terms.

Engage with multiple stakeholders to help your event grow

We help you engage with venues, hotels, service providers, local industry and governments so you can have the best suited partnership model for your event.

Our clients trust us with their most important events

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We’d love to discuss any data-driven destination decision you need to make for the success of your event.

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